Time and distance have become smaller factors in an increasingly technological society. As this technology increases, our interactions become more complex and we find ourselves not just a part of our immediate surroundings but a part of the larger, global community. It is with this in mind that makes a commitment through its products to contribute knowledge, time and services toward the good of mankind.From day one we have committed ourselves to becoming the best in the tool-making industry in terms of product, service and management.
We see, in this industry, a promising future that can touch every aspect of the lives of millions on a daily basis.In addition to the ideal of providing a stable supply of machine tools with an excellent international reputation to a global community, we must also continue to follow our ideal of striving for perfection.
Our quest for this perfection must also include sharing our prosperity with others, our customers and employees alike as well as contributing to the knowledge and good of our international community. We keep these ideals in mind as we work with you to provide the best in quality, service and affordability the machine tool industry has to offer.

To any engineer or machinist, a beehive is one of nature's most extraordinary works of art. The hexagonal structure of each cavity is very close to perfection. While a beehive is perfect by its very nature, the precision metal working industry is perpetually improving towards the ultimate goal of perfection. It is through an ongoing process of research and development that we continually strive to mirror the perfection evident in nature, in order to present a work of functional art to our customers for the furtherance of humankind.

Our state-of-the-art Research & Development Department is at the bleeding-edge of the mechanical industry. Facilities include; design, pattern assembly and electrical development departments. The intricate planning process starts with feedback gained from in-depth market information analysis and customer feedback. Once this initial stage is completed we more onto; design, trial assembly and technical feedback. Ultimately, further improvement and analysis lead to the development of new, revolutionary, user-friendly, high performance products. What is more, our R&D department also provides technical support to our marketing staff, creating a coherent team of professionals that are here to serve your every need.

CAD tools allow our designers to achieve maximum accuracy and flexibility, while applying practical experience and knowledge to all of our new products.